Q. What is the origin of your hair?

A. Brazilian hair is a industry coined term, but my hair is manufactured in China and India and is cut from a single donor. I do carry some raw hair textures: Cambodian, Burmese, and Indian. 

Q. How long does the hair last?

A. The average time length is 1+ years, but hair for our custom wigs and bundles are meant to last longer. This time can be shortened if the hair is not properly cared for. 

Q. What type of hair do you sell?

A. Virgin hair from one donor cuticles laying in the same direction. Minimal split ends. Raw hair which is also from a single donor, bu it comes in the natural state of the hair. This is the highest quality of hair on the market. 

Q. What Grade is the hair?

A. Hair "grade" is another industry coined term used to describe quality of hair but has no real meaning to virgin or raw hair. A company can call their hair 10a or 12a and it still be low quality. Our hair is 100% virgin human hair. 

Q. Do you accept returns?

A. At the moment we do not. 

Q. How long does it take to get a custom wig?

A. A custom wig take up to 30 days to process and ship. Due to COVID the processing and shipping times have increased. If you are in a rush please contact

Q. Is your hair from Aliexpress?

A. We have no affiliation with "Aliexpress" We deal with a direct factories located in China and India to bring quality products to you. ​

Q. Can i return exchange hair after I install it?

A. Hair can’t be returned or exchanged once out of the original packaging and has been altered. 

Q. I am unsure on how to care for my new hair and wigs? What do I Do?

A. We have created hair care guides for our hair and wigs. They are located at the bottom of the home page. Please read and follow accordingly. We are not responsible for any issues with how yyou maintain your hair.